Quadia’s latest Impact Report

Dear Partners and Friends,

We are pleased to share with you Quadia’s latest impact report.

What is an impact report ? – A resume of facts and concrete actions taken by a dedicated team, investees, and impact investors, in line with Quadia’s practice since over 10 years. It is a promise to future generations from those doing today what they can in order to increase positive impacts on people and planet. Over this period, we have been pioneering the impact investing space with the intention of finance becoming part of the solution, rather than the problem.

In the enclosed report you will discover the companies and entrepreneurial teams that we have invested in, on the basis of a shared vision to create positive impact, along with meaningful returns to our investors.

The report includes a description of our Theory of Change and own active impact methodology, detailing intentionality, additionality and measurability, three aspects that should be central to any impact investing approach (part 1). We summarize our investment strategy focused on three specific sectors that are central to the transition towards a Regenerative Economy (part 2). And, finally, the report also provides an overview of Quadia’s own commitments and values with regards to sustainable business practices (part 3).

You can read the Quadia Impact report via this link.

With best wishes for happy holidays in these extra-ordinary times,
Impact with us! quadia.ch

The Quadia Team


Aymeric Jung, Managing Partner, jung@quadia.ch, +41 79 947 61 42

Clothilde Mahroua, Impact Analyst, mahroua@quadia.ch, +41 22 888 12 00