Aymeric Jung

Managing Partner

Aymeric brings to Quadia over 20 years of experience in Capital Markets and financial engineering. Realizing that finance should be the solution to transitional challenges (Cf TEDx Talk Dijon) Aymeric developed keen interests for Impact Investing. He specialized in innovative financial investment approaches for local economies in food, health and farming. With a strong financial engineering background and a real vision of positive impact, Aymeric embodies Quadia’s values and assets.

He represents Quadia on the following investee boards:

  • Les Côteaux Nantais
  • Biogroupe
  • La Ruche Qui Dit Oui
  • Miimosa

Since 2013, Aymeric’s activities have been concentrated on responsible investing and as a result he, with colleagues, founded Slow Money Francophone, an investor alliance (launched first in 2009 in California) for supporting domestic food systems and organic farming. He is also a board member of Terre de Liens, (a French association buying farmland to support organic farmers), Slow Food Suisse, and the Lunt Foundation. Aymeric is regularly a speaker at events around ethical finance, food and farming, and he is also writing a blog for the Swiss magazine “Bilan”.

Aymeric holds a Master in Business Management and a Master in International Finance from the University Paris IX Dauphine. Before joining Quadia, Aymeric worked at Lehman Brothers and Nomura in London as head of fund derivatives structuring and product specialist. Previously he had similar activities at Credit Suisse and Crédit Lyonnais and initiated numerous financial and product innovations.