Quadia at Friends of Funds debate

We were happy to be part of the distinguished panel at the Friends of Funds conference, on June 6th 2019, on ESG and impact investing and their role in collective investments. The debate-format event sought to define the concepts and provide concrete study cases of local and international actors. Questions of definition ranged from assets volume, geography, type of clients to philosophical implications of the different concepts.

Alongside friends and colleagues, Jean Laville of Conser Invest, Mario Koglin ofFinance-Doc Multimanagement AG, Eve Morelli ofZürcher Kantonalbank and Luca Tosi of responsAbility Investments AG, Managing Partner Aymeric Jung stressed that commitment was the main differentiator of impact investing. Indeed, through impact investing, the private sector can clearly contribute to solving today’s global challenges with a sustained and longer-term vision.

Finance is therefore not only a means to reach a financial return and timebound impact but also a getaway to financing what is essential for social and economic development.