The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso selects Quadia to manage its impact investing portfolio

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso has selected Quadia to create and manage the Foundation’s first dedicated impact investing mandate.

A fund named « Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso Sustainable Food Systems » (FDNC SFS) was created and is dedicated to the foundation’s endowment. It will finance, in France and in Spain, significantly impactful companies, operating in the sustainable food sector. 

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, established in 2010, is the largest foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the leading philanthropic network in France. The Foundation funds and supports projects in two areas: Sustainable Food Systems and Art in the Community, both in France and Spain. With more than EUR 460 million in financial assets, the Foundation now wishes to further extend its responsible investment portfolio via the creation of an impact investing fund managed by Quadia.

Within the framework of the regenerative economy, Quadia will select and manage investments in impactful enterprises. The dedicated fund has been created with a double goal:  to contribute to the Foundation’s programs and be a tool for actors in the Social Solidarity Economy in scaling-up, providing support with financial resources through instruments such as participation loans and equity investments. To date, three investments have already been approved, including to companies in the Social Solidarity Economy whose missions are aligned with the Foundation’s programs.

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