Eric Archambeau

Founding Chairman

Eric has over 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley and Europe, founding, scaling and investing in disruptive technology companies and leading environmentally and socially impactful projects. He is known for his deep insights in machine learning, data mining, electronic marketplaces and food and agriculture sustainability. He co-founded several successful technology companies in Silicon Valley before becoming a Venture Capitalist in 1999.  Over the past decades he has led or co-led the investments in early stage companies including eGroups, Betfair( Flutter), PriceMinister, Xing, Spotify, Freenow and Onfido.

In parallel Eric has also worked as a pioneer social impact investor. As co-founder and Chairman of Quadia Impact Finance, he inspired Quadia’s pioneering work in combining social finance and high-returns, leading to investments in Aventron (micro-hydro energy operator), Olio (food waste management service), Good Eggs (online farmers’ market in the US), La Ruche Qui Dit Oui (farm to table distribution network in France) and Maven Clinic (a Digital Health Clinic for Women). Eric is a co-founder of Social-Impact International, a global development programme helping social entrepreneurs increase their social impact with operations in India and Eastern Europe.  He was also chairman of the investment committee of the UK government NESTA’s Social Impact Investment program for 2011 to 2015. He has lectured at INSEAD, where he founded the Social Entrepreneurship Department.

Since 2010, Eric has increasingly focused his impact investment activities on the food and agriculture sector and it is this passion and expertise in food which led him to become the Global Chairman of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, leading education and food campaigns globally before co-founding in 2017 Astanor Ventures, a leading global agri-food tech impact venture capital firm.