Cédric Christmann

Impact Committee Member

Cédric Christmann, serves as CEO Energy and Renewables at EBM a Swiss utility established in 1897. He manages the Group’s equity interests in this filed. He holds several Board memberships in the Energy sector. He is, for example, Chairman of aventron, a Swiss green power producer present in 6 countries with 3 technologies with a market capitalization of 400 Mio. CHF and of Kraftwerk Augst AG a 32 MW run-of-the-river plant on the Rhine. He was Board Member and President of the Audit Committee of Direct Energie between 2008 and 2017. Direct Energie is the 3rd largest energy supplier in France with 2.6 million customers and was bought by Total in 2018. He was since 2005 Chief Financial Officer of EBM.

He previously worked 13 years for a leading provider of process equipment, engineered systems and process solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in different countries like Japan where he served as a CEO.

He holds a Master in Finance from IECS and a Master in Business Administration from IMD.