Quadia invests in FAIRPHONE

Quadia is pleased to announce its participation in the financing round of Fairphone, alongside investors DOEN Participaties, PYMWYMIC, Oneplanetcrowd, and PDENH. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign in August 2018 raising EUR 2.5 million, the Dutch social enterprise has opened its capital to mission-aligned investors, for a total of EUR 7 million.

The capital raised in this round will enable the company to sustainably scale up its operations, launch new products and services in the B2C and B2B channels, and expand sales in untapped markets.

Fairphone is a leading company in the production of fairer electronics, seeking to make a positive impact across the value chain in the sourcing of minerals and other raw materials, design, manufacturing and life cycle. The smartphones sold by the company challenge the status quo in the sector by providing transparency across the supply chain and resisting the planned obsolescence of electronic devices.

Read the full announcement here.