Our Investments

Our portfolio is comprised of investments made into companies scaling up their transformative solutions and meeting critical societal needs and consumer demands to build a regenerative economy.

Investment Strategy

Our investment areas of expertise are characterized by sub-sector witnessing a dynamic growth and responding to sustainability and consumer demands.


Clean Energy

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Mobility

Sustainable Food

  • Organic & regenerative
  • agriculture preserving
  • biodiversity
  • Food logistics
  • Alternative protein sources
  • Food saving solutions

Circular Production & Consumption

  • Consumer electronics
  • Waste recovery & management
  • Circular textiles
  • Alternative to single-use plastics
  • Construction materials and processes
  • Sustainable tourism & hospitality

Investment Criteria

As active investors seeking to accelerate and help scale the impact of transformative business models, we look for companies that:


  • Provide with their product & service solutions to today’s social & environmental challenges
  • Are headquarted in developed markets, generally in Europe
  • Require growth capital to scale their operations
  • Are post-revenue and have reached operational break-even or can show a proven commercial track-record and significant sales


Our vision is of a regenerative economy functioning within the means of one-planet.

Through impact investing across direct equity, debt and impact funds, we provide financing and strategic support to companies. We finance the solutions that contribute to the transition towards a Regenerative Economy.


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