Our Impact

Solutions for a regenerative economy

Using our proprietary impact management tool, Quadia takes a hands-on and dynamic approach to actively support investees with growth capital to scale their impact.

Our impact vision

Our impact approach has evolved from measurement to active management of impact goals that we believe will help accelerate the transformation towards a circular and regenerative economy.


We define a regenerative economy to be a system that favours local, collaborative, functional, circular and bio-inspired elements, promoting fairness and respecting the natural resources of our planet.

Our 4 impact objectives are at the core of our framework with which we assess, measure, and collaborate on advancing positive impact.

Those are :

  • Fostering Circular Production & Consumption
  • Improving Natural Resource Use
  • Promoting Fair Value Chains
  • Supporting Local Communities

Several specific indicators are assessed for each impact objective.

For investees, Quadia takes an active and engaged role to scale their business. By providing capital and strategic support we help shape and maximize their impact creation.

Theory of change


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Our ecosystem partners



Our vision is of a regenerative economy functioning within the means of one-planet.

Through impact investing across direct equity, debt and impact funds, we provide financing and strategic support to companies. We finance the solutions that contribute to the transition towards a Regenerative Economy.


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